Air Drop – Jesta

Air Drop - Jesta

This was only supposed to be an exercise in simple details. The Air Drop project began as a simple “out of the box” build meant to showcase what a few thoughtful details could do to elevate a model. It was a refreshing change of pace from my then-ongoing project, the GM Spartan, which had started […]


AMX-052 Ozymandias

GBWC 2017 2nd Place United States When I first picked up the MG Sinanju Stein ver. Ka, I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark on. Little did I know that this kit would become the foundation for a heavily modified and kitbashed creation I now call the Ozymandias. I started […]

Zeta+ C1 [BST] Hummingbird

Zeta+ C1 [BST] Hummingbird

GBWC 2016 North American Champion The Hummingbird has been my constant companion, my obsession, for the past four years. This model kit has consumed my thoughts, my energy, and my passion. It’s been an ever-evolving journey, with the Hummingbird transforming countless times as I’ve reworked, refined, and reimagined every aspect of it. Calling it a […]